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Owner Testimonials

The Zuklies

We feel very lucky to have found JMR. It’s wonderful to run, hike, bike, fish, golf, ski, skate, sled, or snowshoe in a stunning mountain setting right outside your door. Each day delivers something special – an elk or moose sighting, an osprey catching a trout, columbine and lupine in bloom, a morel hunt, cutting down a Christmas tree, or stunning alpenglow on JugHandle Mountain. But what we value most is the community. Great neighbors, no crime, friendly waves and warm smiles from folks you value out on their morning walk. Coming home to Jug Mountain Ranch is like putting on your favorite old pair of jeans. It just feels right.

Suzanne & Bob Rainville

We decided to build our home in Jug Mountain Ranch because:

  • The development’s owners are residents who actively promote a friendly, active community;
  • Building requirements and future plans call for preservation of a natural environment that is open and peaceful;
  • Residents immediately welcomed us as friends;
  • High-quality skiing, mountain biking, and hiking opportunities are available at our door step; and
  • Breathtaking scenery can be enjoyed every season of the year.

We love this place. It was a great decision!

Clay & Jacque Young

McCall offers many beautiful locations and activities, but the combination of the beauty of Jug Mountain Ranch and the broad array of activities available in our back yard is unparalleled in the area. Where else can my family enjoy a morning on the porch, an afternoon of golf, biking, hiking, snowshoeing or Nordic skiing in the winter and an excellent meal at a great restaurant with a full view of the valley and setting sun?

No pretense, no worries, no stress…all within an amazing view.

John & Ann Link

After looking around the McCall area for a long time we settled on Jug Mountain ranch for our home. We were confident that it was the right place for us, but it has even exceeded our highest expectations. It’s beautiful, quiet, active, social and respectful of the environment. In a very short time it has become our home.

Walt & Becky Jones

As far as why we bought a home there, Walt and I loved the views in all directions from the base of Jug Mountain, one of the most predominate peaks in the McCall area, it had drawn our attention since we discovered McCall in 2003. Once we found out about the plans for Jug Mountain Ranch we were excited about the potential for the future and wanted to be a part of that future.

Today we love living there. There really is a sense of community and friendliness. The trails up Jug Mountain offer daily opportunities for adventure and exercise. I am constantly amazed at the beauty that is right in my back yard, when I set out mountain biking from my house I consider myself lucky to have found such a place with great trails and no crowds. In the winter to be able to skate ski in my own neighborhood is a is a treat, it makes getting my workout easy and quick. The beauty of the frost on the trees and the peace and elevation gain, of the trails to the upper reservoir is always jaw dropping. Not to mention my four legged friends get to come with me. We also enjoy the beauty of the golf course and the convenience and views from the clubhouse.

Looking back on what I have written I sound like a commercial for JMR but I really do love the place quit a bit!

Steven T. Older

We are so fortunate to be members of the Jug Mountain Ranch “family.” There is nothing like it; the extended Carey family does everything to help property owners truly enjoy the JMR experience. The family, along with Bill McMurray for real estate and Glenn Ricker for golf, love what they do to serve us.

Jug Mountain Ranch is a labor of the family’s longtime love and respect for the land. It is unequaled for its beauty and its understated grandeur. It was carefully planned to be a wide open community for enjoying–not a glitzy land venture for out-of-area promoters and high-pressure sales people to “pump, dump and bankrupt.”

When we see John Carey jump out of his ’68 Volvo to pick up a wayward piece of paper, we owners want to stop what we are doing and “police” the entire 1,400 acres along side him….

The Zollers

Our primary motivation to buy a home in JMR was the Nordic trails ‘out our back door’. We both love Nordic skiing, so being able to have one of us go for a ski while the other watched the kids was a big attraction (although they’re now getting big enough to ski themselves!).

The other thing that has turned out to be equally important is the easy access trails in the summer. We love to bike and hike on all the new trails that have been built over the past couple years.

Karen & Don Swanson

We love the strong sense of a caring community at Jug Mountain Ranch the wonderful neighbors that have become good friends. Our view of the Jug Handle Mountain is awesome, we enjoy the hiking trails and biking, and of course the golf on the truly magnificent golf course, the best food and views from the relaxed atmosphere at the clubhouse. Most of all the quiet serenity. What really impressed us first was the vision of John and David Carey, and they way they are going about the development of this spectacular property, and the true sense that we are all family here.

Mike & Susan Lilley

After living through three winters at Jug Mountain Ranch, Susan and I have come to love this area more than we ever thought possible. We originally fell in love with our home for its location and views it provided. Our love of the area has expanded to include the beauty of the surrounding land that makes up the golf course, hiking trails and lovely homes of our neighbors. The golf cart trails provide great walking exercise and a sense of tranquility. The beauty of the trees, fairways and greens adds to the appeal of this area to all who take time to appreciate and enjoy. Of course the golf course and great Clubhouse are great attractions to local residents as well as the general public. Who could not appreciate the convenience of the superb restaurant and bar facilities of the beautifully located Clubhouse? What a wonderful place to enjoy a great meal or a quite afternoon enjoying a glass of wine with friends and taking in the spectacular panoramic vista of Long Valley.

Perhaps the greatest asset provided by the Jug Mountain Ranch experience are the great neighbors, whether they are next door or just up the road. There is a certain sense of community that is not really found in other developments. That might be challenged by some who live in other developments. However, to really know the difference, you have to live here part time or full time. When we think of living elsewhere, all of what we have come to love, would be hard to give up. If someone asks me what I love most about the Jug Mountain Ranch experience, I would have tell them they need to come and live here and then you will understand our love for the area.


Trisha Sears