Trail Tour

DOEJOE (1.5 miles)

DoeJoe is a beginner’s dream descent from the top of Jug Mountain. This trail offers a fun intro into the world of flow with optional small jumps and berms that guide your right where you want to go!

NORTH ELK LOOP (1 mile) and SOUTH ELK (.8 miles)

The wide flowy terrain on these trails keep things fun without being intimidating for beginner and younger riders. These are also perfect for a nice scenic stroll after dinner!


A mellow and slightly longer option than Mainline which offers beautiful views of the Valley. Access from the main kiosk parking or take a quick warm up pedal on South Elk before connecting into South Boundary. Once at Murphy’s Junction, hang a left toward the expert Double Shot or continue on to the reservoir.

ROLLING ROCK (.75 miles)

A great introduction to a flow style trail, this trail has a wide tread and lots of fun medium sized bermed corners. Keep your eye out for fun intermediate optional lines as well!

BASIC TRAINING (1.25 miles) – Uphill Only

Basic Training is our new uphill traffic only singletrack option to South Boundary and the recommended climbing route to Murphy Junction.  The trail offers rolling terrain to the top with multiple exit points at mid mountain Doubletrack and South Boundary giving riders options for quick Exfoliator or Lower Berm N Ernie laps.

MAINLINE (1.8 miles)

The quickest way to the top other than a shuttle. This is a road climb that is a little steep in spots accessing Patricks, Stitches and Vandelay. Toward the top you can take a short cut strait to the reservoir or stay on Mainline to access Double Shot and a longer spin to the reservoir.

VANDELAY (1.7 miles) and HARPER’S HOLLOW (1.5 miles)

These hand built singletrack trails offer everything from flowy to tight and technical. Wide open sections speed things up with fun optional rock features while tight trees and switchbacks bring out your technical side. Super fun climbing or descending!

SHORELINE (2.5 miles)

Shoreline is a lovely intermediate trail that traverses the hillsides around Jug Reservoir. Rolling single track takes you over the running waters and mossy rocks of Jug Creek by way of wooden bridges. This trail offers beautiful shoreline views of Jug Handle Mountain, native wildlife and huckleberries galore!

BERM N ERNIE (1 mile)

Berm N Ernie is a 1 mile flow trail with personality! A mixture of rock sections, jumps and big berms keeps you on your toes while descending effortlessly from the ranches highest point.

DOUBLE SHOT (1.5 miles) and STITCHES (.5 miles) – EXPERTS ONLY

One and a half miles of pure downhill ONLY bliss. A mixture of rocks, wood features, tables and tacky berms create the perfect trail to get your flow on!


This is a double black diamond trail and should not be taken lightly. Big doubles and long tabletops offer a unique jump line experience!

Miles of MOUNTAIN BIKING trails to explore year round. SINGLE track trails exhilarate in summer and fall while FAT BIKES rule on our groomed trails in winter and spring. Dogs welcome!


Runnig Saturdays and Sundays from June - September 10am - 1pm (weather dependent). Reservations are required! Please call 208.634.5072 Ext #3